This is it!!


I went to College of Southern Nevada to pick up my Nursing Program acceptance letter! I was so excited, but was also waiting for a response from NSC. I applied to both schools with intentions of having back-up in case I did not get admitted to one of the schools.


I was driving to the post office to check my P.O. BOX for a letter from NSC. Before getting there, I was at a stop light and my entire life began to flash before my eyes. It was too much too think about and I couldn’t catch-up with my thoughts. It was very overwhelming to think that I was finally going to reveal what direction my life was headed.

I arrived to the post office and parked. Got off the car and went to open my box. I was shaking and needed to relax so I don’t get paper cut while trying to open the envelope, “Congratulations!!! You have been selected for admission to the Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing program” I immediately teared-up. Walked back to my car, and sat in there for like 30 minutes. I began to recall the pre-requisites and the many times I felt like I would not make it, because I felt I was not smart enough.

Went from one semester to the next feeling worried about passing each and every class. I cried many times, because I struggled a lot with school. On top of school, head of household and mother.

Today, I feel tremendous gratitude to every professor that was part of my educational growth. On top of that I am so thankful for anyone and everyone that has supported me through my journey, one that will continue to go. Now that I have been accepted, this is where my nursing career begins.



13 thoughts on “This is it!!”

  1. Congratulations! I completely understand that feeling. On Thursday, I finally received my acceptance letter from NSC. I can’t even describe the anxiety I felt…but it was this constant need to check the mailbox. When I opened the mail and saw the envelope from NSC, I sat down on the mailroom floor and opened the letter. I’m so happy for you! Which school do you think you will choose?


    1. Thank you and Congratulations to you too!! I saw that you have also been accepted. I got accepted at a couple schools, but went with NSC. I have a special attachment with NSC and everyone I have met there. It’s hard for me to detach.
      I could just imagine you sitting on the floor and opening the letter. I bet, after reading “Congratulations!” you did not even need further information to feel the joy!
      Hope to meet you soon, they say we will become a family… Can’t wait!


      1. Thank you! What cohort are you doing? I’m full-time. I am so excited, but I’m having difficulty getting keeping my head focused on the present. This might be the only time in my life that I want time to pass hurry up! I look forward to meeting you!


  2. Wow Congratulations!! That is very exciting! It is always good to know that all your hard work has finally paid off and you are that much closer to receiving your degree! Wish you the best of luck in the Nursing Program.


    1. Thank you Theresa! Congratulations to you too! did you get accepted for Spring, 2018? I agree that being officially in the program, is by far a life-changing experience!


  3. OH MY GOODNESS CONGRATULATIONS!!!! As I was reading your post, I was so nervous and I am so happy that you got accepted! That moment, that shaky, nervous, horrible, exciting, moment is the moment I can’t wait for. I am applying for the Nursing School Summer 2018 term and I have a little ways to go before I do that but just thinking about it gets me so nervous and worried. Reading your post gave me some hope that I can also make it because, like you, I have had times where I just cry and cry because I don’t think I’m cut out for school or for nursing. However, since you felt like that too, maybe I can get accepted like you did! I am super excited for you and I hope to read more about your experience in nursing school!


    1. Thank you Ximena! Without a doubt in my mind you will make it there! Summer is right around the corner and you will see how fast it gets here. You must remain determined and keep pushing forward. I have several friends that are joining the Summer program.
      Keep striving!


  4. Congratulations! That is so exciting, I teared up just reading your post. I look forward to reading about your journey through nursing school.


    1. Thank you Jeanetta! I have had the opportunity to visit your blog and I must say, it is people like you who inspire me! I can’t wait for you to take the lead as you rise higher than you already have!


  5. Congratulations! I personally don’t know you but I’m excited for you, and i wish you nothing but the best! I also look forward to reading more about your journey!
    Best of luck!


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