Microbiology did it!

When I took Microbiology, we had an assignment to research topics and do a presentation about it. The topic assigned to me was the ZIKA virus. of course, ZIKA does not have anything to do with my topic particularly, however I had the chance to be present while everyone else presented their topic and I was drawn to it immediately. My perspective toward disease transmission has changed. Now I understand how these viruses are transmitted, how they affect living organisms, and the difference between a disease being curable or treatable. I used to think someone with anything sexually transmitted was disgusting, but thanks to being educated, I realized that I have been living ignorant. I am one person who has been fed the wisdom of how an organism functions upon being attacked by disease, but I also wonder how many people (like me) still live this world ignorant to diseases and their transmissions.

This Microbiology professor allowed us to invite outside sources who have expertise in the disease topic we were presenting or have been victim to one. One person spoke to us about Chlamydia, and the entire class was silent. That person began her presentation by asking if anyone in the class has ever contracted Chlamydia, of course, no body would admit to such a thing, but that person quickly redirected and stated to the class, that someone in the class was lying or did not want to admit to having contracted Chlamydia. That individual brought forward statistics, and pointed-out ratios of populations that will have contracted it. Now, when I sit in a room with 30 people for example, I start thinking about the odds of people in that room having Chlamydia, HIV, and/or other stuff.

Although, I gained useful knowledge regarding disease transmission, I still have much to learn about the ways it impacts individuals, if there are any cures or treatments, and what experts have to say about it. One thing for certain,  I have become humble to these issues as I progressed further in the science field. I now understand, everyone can fall victim to many diseases, regardless of using protection.


2 thoughts on “Microbiology did it!”

  1. Out of all the science classes I’ve taken at NSC, Pathophysiology and Microbiology, were my favorites. Particularly, Microbiology in that I found it so fascinating applying what I was learning about in the classroom to real-world scenarios. For example, I have severe allergies and it helped to consider myself the “patient” when I was learning the material.

    One of the requirements for nursing school are immunizations and vaccines. Since I can’t find some of my records, I’ve done titer testing to determine what kind of immunizations/vaccines I received in the past. It’s been fun to learn about the disease as a whole for the patient population affected by this disease, signs/ symptoms, vaccine side effects, etc.

    Because science is an endless and ever-changing field, I find it helpful to learn about conditions/ diseases that I am familiar with or know someone personally affected. It personalizes and makes it easier to understand to a degree.


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